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NOVA Career Centre

About the Centre

At Nova, our experienced teachers and counsellors support our students and encourage them to express their unique learning styles, while following the Ministry of Education, Loisirs et Sports (MELS) guidelines. Whether your goal is to acquire the necessary prerequisites to qualify for a vocational program, to complete credits that will allow you to obtain your high school diploma, to meet prerequisites for CEGEP entry, or personal improvement, we can offer you the support you need to meet all your learning and career goals. Students can meet with one of our counsellors one-on-one so that we can better understand your needs. From there, we create a personalized learning path that helps you get where you’re trying to go better, faster, stronger.

Adult Education programs available at this Centre

High School completion
Prerequisites for CEGEP
Prerequisites for trade school (Vocational Training)

Trade programs available at this Centre

Interior Decorating and Visual Display
Starting a Business
Residential & Commercial Drafting
Automobile Mechanics
Secretarial Studies
Home Care Assistance
Welding -High Pressure
Welding and Fitting

Where to find us

NOVA Career Centre
70 Maple
Châteauguay, Quebec
J6J 3P8

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