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Forklift Operator Training for Students…

  • Forklift Operator Training for Students…

As a a carpenter I never had the opportunity to pursue any training to drive a forklift or a scissor lift
throughout my busy work life in house renovations. Anytime the need arose to use such tools,
the task was often relegated to someone with more experience, or I was left to fend for myself
(which can be unsafe if you don’t know what you are doing). Upon teaching at the centre it
became essential that I be able to drive a forklift at the drop of a hat to move vast amounts of
stock off of trucks, throughout the shops and yard. Fortunately for me I was able to get the
training I needed right here at the centre. A as student at CVCEC, scissor lift and forklift training
is available to you.

Call the Centre for more info :). 450-829-2396


Dan Mckell
Carpentry teacher