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Health Care and Community Involvement

The Healthcare team at CVCEC have been very active in the community over the last two months.
In March, a very well attended babysitter course was given to an enthusiastic group of 12-14 year olds. The program involved a lot of discussions and hands-on activities related to the care of babies and children.
In April, a 16-hour First Aid course/CPR was given. This is a very interactive course, allowing for a lot of practicing of bandaging, doing CPR, anaphylaxis training and how to respond during any emergency situation.
Finally, in mid-April, a “Hero in 30” program was offered to a group of mature students. The Riverfield Women’s Institute learned about basic CPR and choking.
Our community has just been made a bit safer and more aware, thanks to community involvement at CVCEC.
Janet Tolhurst (Healthcare Teacher)