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Assistance in Health Care Facilities

About the program

(6 months)

Looking for a rewarding career in the growing health care field? You’ve come to the right place. The Assistance in Health Care Facilities trains you to provide care and services to patients of all ages. Learn to care for people in need within the public, private, and community health networks, including care units, nursing homes, group homes, residential and long-­- term care centres. Over a dozen learning modules and multiple health care institution field placements prepare you to be contributing members of society. Through hands on learning, you will gain invaluable knowledge about the most current approaches, procedures and techniques, all in preparation for a meaningful career in the health care field (approximate costs: $450).

Skills you will learn

  • basic care
  • palliative care
  • patient centered strategies
  • job search techniques

Did you know

  • The population is aging rapidly and there will be increasing demand for workers in the health care field.
  • 100% of our 2012 graduates are now employed.
  • Most AHCF students have a job even before graduating from the program.


What is the difference between the Health Care Facilities (HCF) program and the Health, Assistance and Nursing (HAN) program?

The HCF program is 750 hours (6.5 months). Graduates of the HCF program work as a Nurses’ Aides in long-term care facilities or hospitals. Professional responsibilities may include personal care, feeding and assisting patients with restricted mobility or other specific support needs. The HAN program is 1800 hours (18 months). HAN graduates are able to administer medications, provide advanced care, such as catheterization, monitoring of vital signs, starting IV’s and performing other specialized care procedures. HAN graduates work in acute care hospitals, long-­-term care facilities or privately for insurance companies.

Do most graduates find work?

Yes. Our graduates are in great demand because they typically work in a variety of health care centres. We have calls requesting that our graduates apply for positions as soon as they graduate.

Do I need to speak French?

At the HCF level, French is an asset and employers would prefer bilingual staff.

Do we do on-site training in hospitals or nursing homes?

Yes. The program has 3 placement internships in long-term care, mental health and short-term care facilities.

Program available at the following Centre

Chateauguay Valley

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