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Home Care Assistance

About the program

(7.5 months)

The Home Care Assistance (HCA) program prepares students to support people with a diversity of health care needs in their homes, in the community, or in institutional settings. Learn to care for people with handicaps, the frail and vulnerable elderly, and homebound individuals. This program combines both theoretical and on site learning in order to ensure that you get the best of both worlds. Among the learning modules, you will study a variety of approaches, procedures and techniques all related to employment in this growing field. This program offers you the same foundation as the Assistance in Heath Care Facilities program but it goes into more detail, allowing you to work also at local CLSC’s or in private homes. There is the opportunity to complete both the Assistance in Heath Care Facilities and Home Care Assistance programs within the same year and acquiring both diplomas (approximate costs: $450).

Skills you will learn

  • basic care
  • palliative care
  • care for homebound individuals
  • job search techniques

Did you know

  • You can take this program at night and continue working during the day.
  • HCA’s are among the occupations currently in highest demand in all of Quebec.


What is the difference between the Health Care Facilities program and the Health Care Assistance program?

The HCF program is 750 hours (6.5 months), and the graduate would work as Nurses’ Aide in long-term care facilities or in hospitals. Responsibilities would include personal care, feeding, moving and assisting patients. The HCA program is 975 hours (9 months) and would also qualify students to be a Nurse’s Aide, as well as being able to work within a CLSC or in private homes. There is also the possibility of completing both programs simultaneously to receive two diplomas in a 10 month time frame.

Do we do on-site training in hospitals or nursing homes?

Yes. The Home Care Assistance program has 3 field placements that focus on basic care, occupational therapy and all care activities.

Do most graduates find work?

Yes. Our HCA graduates are in great demand because they typically work in a variety of health care centres and private homes. We often have calls requesting that our graduates apply as soon as they graduate.

Program available at the following Centre

Chateauguay-Nova Chateauguay Valley

Start dates

Fall (late September), Winter (January)