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Landscaping Operations

About the program

(7 months)

The Landscaping Operations program prepares students to start a new career in the landscaping field. Landscapers work on gardens and maintain and beautify residential and commercial grounds. Our program will prepare you to build unique wooden structures such as benches, arbours and pergolas. Learn how to build stone walls, water/rock gardens, and install concrete features such as walkways and patios. Our curriculum also includes modules on living materials such as flowers, trees and shrubs, landscape planning, understanding job specifications, and using landscaping tools and machinery. Students often work in teams to enhance the creative, hands-on learning process and the program is complemented by a field placement in a professional landscaping setting. A nature’s lover dream, this program will prepare you for a career in the great outdoors (approximate costs: $400).

Skills you will learn

  • how to work with inert and living materials
  • building outdoor structures
  • the basic components of lighting and irrigation
  • understanding sustainable eco-systems

Did you know

  • When landscaping is done properly, it can increase a home’s value by 20%.
  • Most landscaping companies do not have trade educated landscapers on staff, which creates a lot of opportunities for employment within the industry.


How can you learn landscaping in a classroom?

Only some of your time is spent in the classroom in order to learn basic theory. Our facilities include a large workshop which has the latest tools, machinery and equipment for learning practical landscaping applications. Students also get to work on site at a landscaping operation. We promise, you’ll get your hands dirty.

What kind of work does a DEP in Landscaping Operations lead to?

Your training will prepare you to work at installing or maintaining landscapes. Your work can be general or specialized such as stone installation, construction of exterior wooden structures, irrigation and lighting installer, water garden installation and much more. With additional work experience, it’s possible to eventually move into a management or supervisory job position. If working for someone else doesn’t appeal to you, you can always consider starting your own landscaping business.

What are the prerequisites to taking the Landscape Operations course?

A Secondary School Diploma or equivalent or Secondary III credits in language of instruction, second language and mathematics are required for enrollment. Most importantly you need to enjoy working outdoors, be fit, and like physical, creative work.
What are the requirements and modules of this program?

Program available at the following Centre

Chateauguay Valley

Start dates

Fall 2016