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Residential & Commercial Drafting

About the program

(16 months)

The Residential and Commercial Drafting program takes a year and a half to complete. Designers, architects, engineers, and construction product suppliers rely on Computer Aided Drafting operators to create drawings to their project specifications. Students in the Residential and Commercial Drafting program acquire the knowledge, skills and aptitudes required to produce drawings quickly and accurately using the latest computer software. Students learn how to prepare complete sets of Architectural Working Drawings and apply building code standards to all aspects of residential and commercial drawings. Computer Assisted Drawing applications enable students to produce architectural, structural steel, electrical, and commercial building drawings that could be used by contractors, municipalities and architects. At the end of the program, graduates demonstrate their professional skills by participating in a three-week work-study program in the construction industry (approximate costs: $620).

Skills you will learn

  • how to use AutoCAD and Revit
  • architecture programs to create working drawings and 3D presentation drawings
  • how to prepare a set of architectural drawings from beginning to end
  • knowledge of the National Building Code

Did you know

  • Residential and commercial drafting is among the occupations currently in highest demand in all of Quebec.
  • Draftspersons may work independently, in teams with engineers from many disciplines, or as support staff for engineers, architects, and industrial designers.
  • Careers in drafting are increasingly important to a wide variety of trades.


Are there job opportunities upon graduation?

Job prospects for draft persons are excellent and the placement for graduates is near 100% in a variety of careers, including multinational engineering firms, local architects, and construction product fabricators.

What pre-requisites are needed?

Secondary IV English, Math and French, or the equivalent recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Education.

What kind of person is interested in the Drafting program?

If you are a person who enjoys working with numbers, geometry, and technology, and if you like designing, calculating, observing, analyzing and problem solving then this is the program for you.

Program available at the following Centre

Chateauguay-Nova Chateauguay Valley

Start dates

Fall (late September), Winter (January) - Day and Evening courses available ***@ CVCEC May 16th 2016/intensive 12-month program***