ACC Montreal at HAECC

Monday, April 30 – HAECC staff and students welcomed two ladies from Aids Community Care Montreal. This non-profit organization offers numerous services that include Treatment Information, Education for Prevention Services, as well as support groups for those living with HIV. The organization’s mission is to promote community awareness and action as well as remove the stigma around HIV. The animators presented to our Adult General Education students on safe sex as well as treatment and communication between partners. This 75-minute presentation allowed our students to ask questions and communicate freely without judgement from their peers.

After lunch, the ladies then presented to the Options classes. A slightly adjusted workshop was presented with an emphasis on Healthy Relationships. What are relationships? What makes for a good or a bad relationship? What is consent? How can you know what your partner’s needs and boundaries are? What is appropriate at school?

Our goal at HAECC is to offer our students as many opportunities as possible to best prepare them for the next step in their journey; whether it be higher education or the workforce. Our students over the past school year, have been fortunate to have numerous presentations on mental health, addiction and sexual responsibility. It is our hope that they are not only receiving academic instruction at our Centre but tools that they can use in all areas of their lives.

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