Alcoholics Anonymous visits the Valley

On Wednesday, November 22nd HAECC staff and students were invited to attend a presentation made by Alcoholics Anonymous Public Information Committee. The Alcoholics Anonymous program started in 1934 and to this day helps people overcome additions with their 12-step and prevention programs. Three members of the organization visited the centre and spent over an hour with our students. These individuals have been trained to share their experiences with the students regarding the effect that alcohol and mind-altering drugs have had on their lives and how they overcame this debilitating disease. After sharing personal stories and lessons learned, a question period allowed students to ask about specific information they had been curious about.

Some of the topics covered:

  • What the role of a sponsor is and how a sponsor can help you
  • What “recovering” means
  • If you were once an alcoholic, will you always an alcoholic?
  • Spotting the signs that you have a problem. Also, spotting the signs that someone you care about has an alcohol addiction.

Plenty of pamphlets and reading material were handed out to the students, along with a copy of Alcoholics Anonymous a book for the centre to keep.

For more information about this Organization, please visit their website. or

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