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Congratulations to NOVA Alumnus – Kelly Rae Liautaud

It is fitting at this time of year when we celebrate our graduates, that we recognize a former NOVA Academic student, Kelly Rae Liautaud for her latest success. We would like to congratulate Kelly on her recent graduation from Dawson College’s Nursing program!   We would also further
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Is there a future doctor in the house at NOVA… an animal doctor?

Meet Jaimie-Lynn Leblanc-Ykema from Godmanchester (which is right beside the Trout River border crossing for those of you who haven’t heard of this fantastic place).   Jaimie travels to NOVA 5-days a week and is completing her Advanced Chemistry, Physics, and Math courses which are pr
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Superwoman student here at NOVA…

Meet Mavis Teye, a student currently completing a DVS (Diploma Vocational Studies) in Accounting at the NOVA Career Centre.  Not only does Mavis juggle a family which includes 2 and 5-year-old boys, she is concurrently completing a graduate diploma in Accounting at McGill University! 
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Learning in action in NOVA’s Skén:nen Centre

During each math class, there are students who spend their time working in NOVA’s Skén:nen Centre. After tackling a new concept, the teachers and techs in the Skén:nen Centre spend the last half hour of class discussing the Mohawk names of different students in the centre. Russe
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‘Talent Club’ jams at NOVA!

Nova’s Adult General Education teacher, Andrey Kutash, is offering a lunch hour activity all about celebrating talent. He decided to make it broader than previous years` music clubs in order to cast a wider net and attract more students. It worked! Last week, 12 students participated.
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Studying at NOVA and CEGEP at the same time…

Katharina Orfanidis and Gabriel Internoscia have been students at NOVA since 2017 completing their Advanced Secondary IV and Secondary V Math and Science courses.  Incredibly, they are also both students at Dawson College and have been studying at both schools simultaneously with the
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