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TRADE programs starting in FALL 2020!

Interested in taking a TRADE program in 2020-21 (Winter/Spring)? Sign-up ONLINE TODAY! (spaces are limited).
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Welcome to the Hairdressing program at NOVA Career Centre

We are excited to announce our new partnership between the Hairdressing program at the NOVA Career Centre and John Paul Mitchell Systems. NOVA will proudly use John Paul Mitchell Systems products this coming school year (2020-21). Below are a few video clips about our upcoming school
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Hairdressing has big news for 2020 school year!

HAIRDRESSING program @ the NOVA Career Centre (Ville de Châteauguay) – next group starts (September 9, 2020). Register online – ( – spaces are limited. Stay tuned for more news about our program in the coming weeks. Here is a little ‘te
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Hats Off to You! Ms. Corey Schlereth (Carpentry student) – Chapeau Les Filles (winner)

A huge congratulations to Ms. Corey Schlereth, Carpentry student @ Cvcec. Ms. Schlereth was chosen as the Provincial winner for the Chapeau, les filles! “prix à une élève de la formation professionnelle anglophone. ” On behalf of your teachers, the entire staff and your fe
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Time for an upgrade?
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It’s NOW or never, DRAFT up your future!

It’s NOW or never, DRAFT up your future! Our RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL DRAFTING program will start on August 27, 2020, at the NOVA Career Centre (16-month program). Cost: $214.95 *This is the ONLY Drafting group to start in the 2020-21 school year.*
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APPLY ONLINE – Vocational programs & Academics (Adult General Education)

VOCATIONAL PROGRAMS: – Accounting – Automobile Mechanics – Carpentry – Construction Business Management – Hairdressing – Health, Assistance & Nursing – Horticulture and Garden Centre Operations – Institutional and Home Care Assistanc
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Students you have done a great job in our Centre (NOVA Career Centre) and we know you’ll do wonderful work for residents in Residential and long-term care centres (CHSLD). You are ready for the next phase of your training. Thank you to all those who helped during the BBQ celebra
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Congrats Alice!

We wanted to say a huge congratulations and thank you to Alice Loney as she recently retired from our Continuing Education team (NOVA Career Centre, CVCEC, HAECC). Alice you were instrumental in building our RAC program (Recognition of Acquired Competencies), the ‘Our House̵
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The Eastern Door and NOVA partner together

July 7th, 2020, we began a partnership that will last. The Eastern Door and NOVA Career Centre will be working together to increase our understanding and appreciation of the Mohawk Language. Through our support for Promoting the Mohawk language in print and online, the Eastern Door an
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