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Check out this A -Z chart!  Often with our busy lives and schedules, we forget to think about our own growth😊
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The VOTING process!

The students in the Social Integration/Options Class at HAECC watched the Quebec Provincial election debate process. The teachers had presented the platform of each party so that the students could make an informed decision for the past election.  The teachers ordered a practice kit f
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mmm… Garlic!

The horticulture students planted 20 pounds of organic local garlic in our very own vegetable garden. It is easy to do if you are dressed warmly! After watering,  we cleaned the last raised beds and said goodnight to the garden for another season-long winter sleep. Stay tuned for our
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Meet Shania!

Interview with SHANIA – student @ HAECC Q: What did you enjoy most about your first year at HAECC? A: I liked the work I did in class and how it prepared me for my stage. Q: Tell me about your stages. A: I worked at the food bank in Huntingdon called La Bouffe Additionelle. I ha
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Tomato Time!!!

TOMATO time at HAECC! Our new students this year spend some time picking A LOT of organic tomatoes from our very own HAECC garden. These plants were started and maintained by last years’ group. An irrigation system and a biodegradable cover ensured minimum maintenance during the
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ACC Montreal at HAECC

Monday, April 30 – HAECC staff and students welcomed two ladies from Aids Community Care Montreal. This non-profit organization offers numerous services that include Treatment Information, Education for Prevention Services, as well as support groups for those living with HIV. Th
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Botanical Garden Visit

In the month of March, the Horticulture students went to the Montreal Botanical Gardens for the day. We visited the greenhouses and the highlight was the ‘Papillons en Liberté’ in the large greenhouse. The students were amazed to see hundreds of butterflies land and fly ab
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Sugar Shack! That’s right…. Sugar Shack!

On Wednesday, April 11 – 45 students and staff went for lunch at l’Hermine sugar shack in Havelock. We enjoyed a horse-drawn wagon ride through the maple bush. We saw a 500-year-old maple tree! We had a guided tour of the shanty where the syrup is made and of the workshop where
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Tips for stressful exams…

At HAECC we are in our final semester. Some of the Ministry courses (Math in particular) will be changing as of June 30, therefore our students are working hard at completing the courses they need. This could lead to some anxiety. But no worries here are some tips to get through these
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Gault’s Career Fair

You are never too young or too old to learn about plants. This week our Horticulture program attended Gault Institute’s (elementary school in Valleyfield) Career Fair Day and showcased an interactive booth about horticulture. I decided to have kids plant some Cat Grass (which is
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