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Painting and Drawing at HAECC

Huntingdon Adult Education & Community Centre (HAECC) is so much more than a school for students. We are a place where anyone of all ages can come and learn. HAECC is the proud home of a semi-annual Painting and Drawing Class. Taught by local artist Pat Walsh who welcomes people o
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My Personal Experience at HAECC

This month Alyssa Breen, a student here at Huntingdon Adult Education & Community Centre, graciously penned a short version of her personal journey of self-discovery and growth at the centre. Here is what Alyssa has to say about her time at HAECC and what it’s meant to her.
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A better tomorrow, by the actions of today!

Sustainable Actions Towards a Better Environment Option class students at HAECC are doing assignments, sharing resources, collaborating, participating in discussions, receiving feedback, organizing assignments and managing their time/agenda. Regular work you would think? No, not at al
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Career Fair outreach

Students at a recent career fair checking out a number of our programs. Our free shuttle bus for students makes the transportation to our programs in the Chateauguay Valley very appealing. The bus stops in Chateauguay, Kanahwake, Ormstown and Huntingdon every morning and afternoon. Ca
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Bring the outside… in!

After a couple of outings where we embraced the cold, wind and snow to observe the local evergreen trees, the Horticulture students of HAECC decided to bring the outside in!  In the Maintenance Modules, we must study a large variety of plants.  They will succeed in learning the names
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Partners for Life

Battling Depression with Partners for Life On Thursday, February 1st HAECC staff and students were visited by the organization Foundation Jeunes en Tete who presented: Partners for Life: a province-wide outreach program aimed to raise awareness on teen depression through education. Be
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‘Sweet Place’ to be

HAECC is such a sweet place to be! This Valentine’s Day the students and staff are going to showcase exactly that. HAECC is selling Valentine’s Day Candy Grams.
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Career Corner – Cegep ‘open houses’

“Adult Education Career Corner” FYI – March 1st Deadline for CEGEP applications is fast approaching Mini Open Houses are happening: Champlain College – Feb. 1st  (6:30-8:30 pm) Dawson College – Feb. 7th  (4:00-7:00 pm) John Abbott College – Jan. 31s
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Students from the Options Class have been working on the EV3 Mindstorms Robotics kit.  This is the latest generation robotics kit from Lego that allows users to program their robot via Bluetooth from an Ipad or laptop.  Once completed, the robots can be programmed to interpret data fr
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Fit Target Workouts

It’s January and that means a fresh start on health and fitness. If you want to kick off your New Year’s Resolution the right way, why not stop by HAECC and see if Fit Target is for you! Fit-Target is a class that is taught twice a week. The class combines cardio, strength, and agilit
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