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Teamwork and spaghetti

In Horticulture and Garden Centre Operations this week we studied communication skills and teamwork. What do a marshmallow and 20 strands of dry spaghetti have to do with plants? It is all about teamwork and building the tallest free-standing structure in 18 minutes! Known as the R
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Chat with Santa!

Videoconference Visit with Santa Claus at HAECC The weeks leading up to Christmas are a very exciting time around our Centre. One of the highlights at this time of year for many participants in the Sunshine Class and Melissa’s Sunshine Camp is our annual videoconference visit with San
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Alcoholics Anonymous visits the Valley

On Wednesday, November 22nd HAECC staff and students were invited to attend a presentation made by Alcoholics Anonymous Public Information Committee. The Alcoholics Anonymous program started in 1934 and to this day helps people overcome additions with their 12-step and prevention prog
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Come one, come all, to the class

203 library at HAECC! Last spring, English teacher Sabrina Henderson and special education technician Audra Taylor joined forces to start an in-class library for the students of HAECC to enjoy. It started off very small, with only about a dozen books, and has grown into a collection o
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Artists at work

When you come into HAECC you will probably notice art work posted on the walls.  This art is made by students in Marie Claire Charlevoix’s art class.  This year students completed a project that was started at the end of the school year last June.  The students are working to add more
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Sail away with us…

Due to the fantastic summer-like weather we had in September, students in the SVIS, Sunshine Class (SIS) and Melissa Sunshine Camp had the opportunity to go on an adventure in the National Wildlife Area in Lake St-Francois in Dundee, in the most southwestern part of Quebec. Aboard thr
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Come try Zumba at HAECC!

HAECC is not just a school; it is an active Community Centre! Our newest Community Partner is ZUMBA® instructor Lexie Tucker. Twice a week Lexie holds a one-hour ZUMBA® class in our Centre’s gym. Mondays is classic ZUMBA® and Wednesdays she kicks it up a notch with STRONG by Zumba®. I
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Great Place for Learning and Having Fun

HAECC is a great place for learning and having FUN! The staff and students enjoyed themselves at our Halloween extravaganza. Marie Claire and her Café team made a great lunch followed by a Costume Contest and games.
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Autumn awesomeness!

Autumn brought a great new group of Horticulture students.  Lukily the temperature was awesome therefore we took advantage of it spending the time to revamp our school vegetable garden.  Covering our modules of Edible Plants, Machines and Fall Maintenance, we spent many days outside:
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Fun and Games for Halloween!

Students from the Option Class planned and organized games for Halloween. Games included Ghost Bowling, How Many Worms in the Jar, Dare to taste and Guess the Food, Hockey Spider, Bean Bag, Match the Pumpkins, Halloween DJ; Guess the Song, Eye Ball Pong, Tattoo Parlour, Giant Ghost an
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