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GM Training for Automotive Instructors

The Nova Career Centre Automotive Mechanics program is the head of the provincial Centres Of Expertise Network (CEN) in its sector of Motorized Equipment Maintenance. As leader of this sector, part of our responsibility is to provide professional training to the experts that teach the
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Enrichment day for our students: CEN-Style!

  The Nova Career Centre’s Automobile Mechanics program is the Head of the Centre of Expertise Network (CEN) which means we are the first in the province to get access to the latest mainstream technologies in the automotive industry. With this equipment, we provide training
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New ‘Shop Work’ area for Auto Mechanics!

There have been some changes in the Automotive Department! We’ve been working very hard to clean and organize our Shop Work area, which isn’t an easy task. The first challenge was removing the heavy tables out of the room. Luckily, our strong team got the job done. Next, we had the wa
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