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A little picture walk-through in Hairdressing!

How about a little picture walk-through the NOVA Hairdressing department!
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New Hairdressing Cohort 2018-19

Things are looking SUNNY in hairdressing this year!! Welcome to the new group!
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A ‘brave’ shave for Cancer

We had an amazing lady come and visit our Hairdressing salon recently. As she wishes to remain anonymous, she came to have her hair shaved in support of a friend who is faced with Cancer. The students felt honoured to offer this service to a very brave lady.
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Hairdressing Fundraiser

The Hairdressing department organized a fundraiser for their graduation. Two gift baskets were raffle off. The winners were Mrs Wendy McGregor and Nova’s own Judy Murphy! Thank you to all who participated. The money raised will go towards Hairdressing students’  Grad lunch
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Hairdressing Show

April 29 – The Hairdressing department was invited to attend a trade show sponsored by Cosbec Beauty Company. The venue was L’Arsenal, located in Montreal. The students were treated to many different products and witnessed countless hairdressing techniques. There were plat
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Inventory in Hairdressing

As part of the learning process, students took part in the inventory count in the hairdressing department. This activity is not only necessary but gives students a realistic view of the tasks done in a professional salon. Every item counts for a salon’s bottom line.
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Perms for Easter

    Last week the students were very busy with clients getting their hair done for Easter.    
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Going green comes full circle… salons!

The Nova Career Centre Hairdressing department is proud to be a participant in the Green Circle Salons recycling program. As member for the last two years our department has sent several pounds of salon waste to their processing facilities.  
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Mind Mapping in Hairdressing

Last week students in Hairdressing took time to do some critical thinking on the steps involved in giving a perm. Four groups brainstormed together and here are the results! A mind-map of all the steps involved.
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Specialty Perms

Here is a photo gallery of some of our students work on different perm patterns. Some are a little more conventional, while some are a little more “hair-raising”!
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