Blood Drive 2016

When it was time to register names to fill up the day with donors, Nova stood up to the challenge as both students and staff came out in large numbers to donate blood on Tuesday, September 13th.

It all started when the Hema-Québec high-tech mobile unit rolled up and set up shop near the student lounge. This 12.8 meters (42 feet) modified RV is equipped with two generators. It has a registration desk, two cubicles, five donation beds, a worktable and a snack area with a fridge for donor refreshments.

There are 3 such wagons in the Montreal area and one in the Québec city region” said Mr. Richard Forest, supervisor of the “Mobile Collection”. He further explained that one RV collects up to 70 donors per day, and is on the road 7 days a week. The new GLOBULE Mobile Blood Donation Unit is primarily used to access donors in industrial parks, shopping centres and power centres that do not have the space required for holding a traditional blood drive. This unit in particular travels from Sherbrooke to Mt. Tremblant to Gatineau. In all, Hema-Québec needs 900 donors per day for the province. Mr. Forest said what makes his job interesting and all worth the effort “is meeting happy motivated people who wish to donate blood“. Well, NOVA indeed did not disappoint and answered the call with a smile and a great successful collection day was had by all! We helped save lives!!

Normand Touchette

Vocational and Academic Counsellor
NOVA Career Centre

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