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Fresh Organic Vegetables grown in Ormstown

A few Horticulture students from HAECC recently did their stages at Coop les Jardins de la Resistance in Ormstown. Coop les Jardins de la Resistance Subscriptions for the summer Organic Vegetable CSA are open! From mid June until November, the coop will be dropping off organic vegetab
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Two students win at Rural Youth Gala

The annual Gala de reconnaissance jeunesse rurale / Rural Youth Gala celebrates the community involvement of young people ages 6-24 in five categories: volunteer or citizen involvement school or social perseverance healthy living habits (food or sports) cultural action environment Two
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video: Who we are, our core values

New Frontiers School Board’s video on the four orientations which guide our strategic plan. – Provide the conditions for every student to achieve success. – Promote and support personal and professional growth. – Engage and value our communities as collaborative part
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My own inukshuk, a musical named Honk, dino designers and much more…

CLC Wrap-up: News-notes (May 2015) CLC Chateauguay: St. Willibrord My own inukshuk After their Red path Museum video conference visit, grade 4 students continued to work on their rocks and minerals project (community based service learning/CBSL). They made their own inukshuk (man-made
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We want to hear from you!

We want to hear from our community members! What kind of courses and activities would you like to see in your area? PLEASE TAKE OUR SURVEY (click here) *It only takes 5 minutes! We swear it. With the feedback, we shall get a better sense of what Lifelong Learning opportunities for adu
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video: Alouettes team up with our students

The Montreal Alouettes John Bowman talked to our students and staff about perseverance, hard work, setting goals and dreams at CVCEC. He left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance, as his success story resonated with our students. A huge thank you to the Montreal Alouettes or
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Mummies and minerals, self-defence courses, show me the money and much more.

CLC Wrap-up: News-notes (April 2015) – Mummies and minerals, self-defence courses, show me the money and much more. The marvels of rocks and minerals Cycle 2 enjoyed a visit from the Redpath Museum as part of their project on Rocks and Minerals. This is a community-based service
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Cohen WINS! Cohen WINS!

We wanted to give a shout out and a huge congratulations to Mary Gardner Elementary student, Cohen Schlereth. Cohen is the grand prize winner of a free week of equestrian camp courtesy of Willdon Stables in Mercier. Wildon Stables approached our Continuing Education Department and off
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Cooking up success, pink t-shirt power, winter wonderland fun and much more.

CLC Wrap-up: news-notes (March. 2015). Cooking up success, pink t-shirt power, winter wonderland fun and much more. Keeping it classy Three out of five families do not know what they are eating tonight. C.V.R.’s Learning Centre is finding a great solution to this problem. Students are
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The Véhicube

In mid-February, NFSB proudly hosted the Véhicube, an initiative from the Pierre Lavoie Foundation to help elementary school students learn the basics of healthy eating and active living. Students from Harmony and Howick as well as invited guest school St. Jean Elementary, participate
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