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The Year of the Horse

Chinese New Year, a holiday celebrated by billions around the world was brought to our staff and students at NFSB on Friday January 31st.  As part of the ongoing Diversity Showcase projects brought to students and staff at our two high schools by Jagdeep Trehin (Spiritual Care Consult
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Brave new world

Our International students have been experiencing a new life here, and NOVA is part of it. Coming from over the hills and far away, some of our Residential and Commercial Drafting students started the program with more than a few challenges.  One of them being the language, NOVA teach
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Mtl to NOVA, in less than 20 minutes!

Looking to take a trade and you live on the island of Montreal? Have you checked into all the vocational options at the NOVA Career Centre? NO! Why not? Here they are: Hairdressing Accounting Interior Decorating and Visual Display Starting a Business Residential & Commercial Draft
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Window of opportunity

This year, the Interior Decorating and Visual Display program wanted a bright and colorful window display to outshine all previous ones! The window presents a serious challenge in that the daylight reflection on the glass obliterates many of the wonderful creations designed and instal
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Interior Decorating and… more!

Amy Patton, Valedictorian of 2012-13 in the Interior Decorating and Visual Display program, joined the NOVA Centre after working in her grandfather’s shop “Patton’s Woodcraft” in Kahnawake for some time. There she learned to make kitchen cabinets and wood projects of all k
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Student For A Day worked for them!

Three of our current students in the Accounting Programme have tried the Student For A Day activity… and registered shortly after! Student For A Day enables anyone to “sit in” an actual ongoing programme for a day with the teacher and students to get a real feel for
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Hallway to Success

Barbara Walter, teacher in the Interior Design and Visual Display programme at NOVA, continued the tradition of spicing up a hallway in the Centre. “The mandate of this project was to conceptualize, build and install a promotional/sales display that highlights Interior Decoratin
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Take a virtual tour of NOVA

Come take a video tour of our career centre with two NOVA students (Mylène and Theresa). What are you going to see? You’ll get a glimpse at our welding and auto mechanics shops. We’ll show you some of the stunning visual displays and creative creations done by our students. You’ll get
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Trades in Motion: A huge success!

Trades in Motion took place under the big top at St.Willibrord from April 9-11 during Adult Learners’ week. Over 3000 grade 5-8 students participated in a hands on experience of 21 trades offered by the New Frontiers and Grandes Seigneuries school boards. On Wednesday evening, c
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Your future is here!

Want to explore your passion for learning? Interior Decorating and Window Display, Hairdressing, Horticulture, Landscaping and much much more await you at our three professional training centres! Please check the program descriptions for actual dates but know this: your future is read
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