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PASS and present!

On Thursday, February 20th , the welding department at NOVA had the pleasure of hosting three students from New Frontiers’ PASS program. The Providing Alternative Student Support Program (PASS) caters to specific students (Grades 7 – 11), helping them in their lifelong learning
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The Year of the Horse

Chinese New Year, a holiday celebrated by billions around the world was brought to our staff and students at NFSB on Friday January 31st.  As part of the ongoing Diversity Showcase projects brought to students and staff at our two high schools by Jagdeep Trehin (Spiritual Care Consult
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Brave new world

Our International students have been experiencing a new life here, and NOVA is part of it. Coming from over the hills and far away, some of our Residential and Commercial Drafting students started the program with more than a few challenges.  One of them being the language, NOVA teach
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Mtl to NOVA, in less than 20 minutes!

Looking to take a trade and you live on the island of Montreal? Have you checked into all the vocational options at the NOVA Career Centre? NO! Why not? Here they are: Hairdressing Accounting Interior Decorating and Visual Display Starting a Business Residential & Commercial Draft
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Assistants to the Rescue!

Since November 4th, two current Administrative Assistant students are providing lunch time reception coverage at NFSB Board Office. Chosen by their teachers, the two girls (Jennifer Durand and Chelsea Dion-Koulierakis) will alternate weeks by answering phones, greeting clients, and as
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Glad to be a Grad

NOVA’s Administrative Assistant program celebrated a long-standing tradition this past Friday: the departmental Graduation Celebration. This is an unique opportunity for the teachers to have a last activity with the finishing groups.  As always, graduates came accompanied, and w
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The things we do for love

At NOVA, we pride ourselves in offering two business technology programs, Secretarial Studies and Accounting. Although the groups are distinct, and even if they closely co-habitate, they don’t really have the opportunity to mingle… So to launch the next phase of their jour
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From NOVA to the workforce

Three former students from NOVA are now thriving in their new jobs at Tewatohnhi’saktha, the Kahnawake Economic Development Commission. Wahsontaha:wi Stacey is a former Accounting programme student, and is now working as a financial clerk. “I had decided to go back to scho
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Student For A Day worked for them!

Three of our current students in the Accounting Programme have tried the Student For A Day activity… and registered shortly after! Student For A Day enables anyone to “sit in” an actual ongoing programme for a day with the teacher and students to get a real feel for
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Take a virtual tour of NOVA

Come take a video tour of our career centre with two NOVA students (Mylène and Theresa). What are you going to see? You’ll get a glimpse at our welding and auto mechanics shops. We’ll show you some of the stunning visual displays and creative creations done by our students. You’ll get
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