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Forklift Certification

NFSB offers high-quality, industry recognized forklift training certification. 
Delivered by experienced and fully-accredited instructors, we make it simple for people of every experience level to get the skills and qualifications they need.  Our training will guide you through all aspects of Lift Truck Safety, from Pre-Operation Inspection to Stability. 


In Quebec, to operate a lift truck which ever category it may be, training is mandatory. This training will allow you to acquire or better your knowledge/skills of operating a lift truck. Also, it will allow you to get the necessary accreditation/certification to operate a lift truck. 

Cost: $60
Length: 6-8 hours


  • Theory (4Hrs) 
  • Theory Exam (30Mins) 
  • Practical Training (30 – 60Mins) Per Lift Truck 
  • Practical Evaluation (15 – 25mins) Per Lift Truck 


  • Type Of Lift Trucks 
  • Intro & Law 
  • Basic Safe Operating 
  • Stability 
  • Propane 
  • Battery 
  • Parking 


  • Pre-Operation Inspection 
  • Safe Maneuvering Techniques 
  • Stacking & Uninstalling 
  • Load Handling 
  • Propane Exchange / Battery Charging & Maintenance 
  • Parking