Free – BONSAIS – Workshop

The Horticulture department has just what you need during these cold weeks. We will be having a workshop on BONSAIS given by Sylvie Chicoine from the Montreal Botanical Gardens on Wednesday, March the 2nd from (9am-3pm). Ms. Chicoine will bring her collection and we will learn everything about bonsai making. We will also be raffling off a Bonsai tree. PLEASE reserve your spot because spaces are limited by calling HAECC 450-264-9276.

In the greenhouse we have doubled our production for our increasingly popular SPRING SALE… with many new varieties of tomatoes. The purple calabash tomato is a pre-Columbian (photo above) variety from Mexico. That means it dates back from 1492! The Aztecs called it “xitomatl”. Like last year, we will also be selling organic non-GMO seeds.

Will keep you posted as the plants continue to grow. Stay Happy…Spring is coming

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