Inspired students

Interior Finish is one of my favourite modules because we can use the learning from earlier modules and some imagination to make some very interesting projects come to life. Some of the work is quite challenging, like the cope cuts for the crown mouldings and the window dressing. When you see the finished product, and the student standing back saying, “yeah, I did that!” (with a big smile on their face), that is when you know that you have accomplished your task as a teacher. We try to inspire our students to think for themselves and use their imaginations. Taking pride in your work is what it is really all about. Sheldyne Scott was proud of his crown mouldings and this enthusiasm inspired me to write this article. Congratulations Sheldyne on a job well done!

One of the group projects that the carpentry students work on are the “cabanons”. A lot of hard work, as well as teamwork go into these. There are many hours spent constructing these and once they are complete, the students are so very proud of their accomplishment and so they should be. Check out the special touch the evening group added to our latest ‘cabanons”!

Richard Bertrand (Carpentry Teacher)

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