My Personal Experience at HAECC

This month Alyssa Breen, a student here at Huntingdon Adult Education & Community Centre, graciously penned a short version of her personal journey of self-discovery and growth at the centre. Here is what Alyssa has to say about her time at HAECC and what it’s meant to her.

“My experience at HAECC has definitely been one that will follow me throughout the next step I take in life. This is mostly because I’ve never worked with teachers that care so much about you as a student – not only about your education but also about your wellbeing. They’ve really taught me a lot about moving forward, and also what it means to be successful in order to be the person that I truly want to be. It’s extremely motivating to know everyone here is rooting for you to do your best. They’ve definitely helped me get to where I am now, and all of my friends can also say the same thing. It’s truly a great experience”.

–Alyssa Breen (HAECC Student)



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