RU in RV?

The new RV Maintenance and Repair group has recently started the program and loving every minute of it!

The group is very dynamic, and has a wide array of ages.  They are already in the heat of the action, as their teachers Richard Horseley and José Paéz have put them on practical tasks, like carpentry.

They have also made a trip to a campground to do an actual RV winterization.  This process entails pumping anti-freeze into the plumbing system of the unit to make sure pipes won’t break during our harsh winters.  Winterization is a fairly simple process… that is when you know what you are doing!  As such, teachers take the time to explain the different components of the plumbing system, from the low-points to the by-pass valves.  Students learn also that sometimes, campgrounds don’t offer the facilities that are usually expected, like… electricity!  So part of the training is to make sure that all tools are brought to the site.  Because it wouldn’t be a good thing if you’re missing a ratchet and have to go back to the shop to get one!

All in all, a fun and instructive activity!

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