Stay Motivated

I often hear people say they lack motivation this time of the year. January and February are often the months where we need a little inspiration. Some people need inspiration to continue eating healthy, exercise daily, stop smoking, etc. It is around this time of year that our New Year’s resolution is wearing thin. I am guilty of this. On New Year’s Day I promised myself that I would no longer eat chips and drink soft drinks. The first week was not easy; I had a headache that lingered in my head for five days. The following weeks I was motivated and it seemed pretty easy until this week. Like most people I was tired, frustrated and wanted chips!! Well, it took a lot of will power to continue on my path of success. Sticking to one’s goal can be extremely difficult, although with hard work, motivation and encouragement, we can all be successful.
So before you start blaming yourself; or get stuck in your disappointment, guilt, or frustrations, here are some inspirational quotes:

Kim Tannahill
Nursing Teacher, CVCEC

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