Student Life

There is always something exciting going on at CVCEC. Whether it is a hockey tournament at lunch, Lug a Mug Tuesdays, Love thy Culture potluck lunch or a friendly hockey game after school in Chateauguay with the Nova Career Centre students. CVCEC students from each program get together and socialize and enjoy each other’s company, many new friendships are formed.

Many of the students come here not having a way of transportation, but within days, through talking with classmates or other students in the school, they manage to car pool with someone. One of our students even arrives on skidoo these days!!!

Great place to be at CVCEC, always something exciting happening!!!! Looking for a trade, come over and visit us, be a Student for a Day! We offer Carpentry, Health Assistance and Nursing, Health Care Facilities and Landscaping.

Debbie Parent

Centre Secretary

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