The things we do for love

At NOVA, we pride ourselves in offering two business technology programs, Secretarial Studies and Accounting. Although the groups are distinct, and even if they closely co-habitate, they don’t really have the opportunity to mingle…

So to launch the next phase of their journey in ‘lifelong learning’, teachers decided to address it with a… pizza lunch, which  was enjoyed by 40 students!  The two new and distinctive programs got together to:

• Meet and get to know each other

• Share who they were and why they had chosen their programs

• Make new connections and establish links for future events

• Open the doors to cross-program assistance and sharing of diversified strengths (accounting and secretarial)

• Bridge the gap between their two programs, to allow for student mentoring

• Develop and build their interpersonal skills

Students from both groups mingled and were able to get to know one another as they enjoyed their pizza lunch served by their teachers.  Although some folks may have been a little shy at first and wanted to stick with themselves during the first few minutes, they quickly accepted being relocated in order to mix colour name tags at the same table. The bingo game afterwards helped cement their new found ‘friends’ from the other side.

The event was a great success both for the students and their teachers!

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