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Horticulture students beautify the centre…

  Horticulture students were assigned two areas within the centre to design and create indoor gardens. The spaces chosen were the teacher’s staff room and the centre director’s office. During March Break, students worked hard to bring to life the design they had been working on f
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Discover Your World

With the arrival of arctic air and more traditional winter weather in Huntingdon, the students and staff are once again longing for the warmer days of summer. Luckily through an initiative worked on in collaboration between our technicians Vicky Hamilton and Andrew Fuentes, and our wo
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Smart Schedule started this year in Huntingdon

This year at HAECC, the Adult General Education department decided to try a different approach in an effort to allow their students to get as many possible ‘option credits’ at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, a lot of students that end up coming to adult education
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Halloween at HAECC

On October 31st, the Social Integration Services class had a Halloween party. Students came to school dressed up in costumes for a Halloween dance in the morning. We then had a costume contest followed by a pizza lunch. Students then enjoyed treats with a movie in the afternoon. A 
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Keeping active at the Centre!

Cardio-Actifs du Haut-Saint-Laurent promotes physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. In partnership with HAECC, its training facility is located at our centre. In addition, to be open exclusively to our classes during certain periods, it is also open to community members throughout
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Heartfelt Goodbye – we will miss you Mr. Ness

Heartfelt Goodbye Wishes to Daryl Ness from HAECC Students. There were many sad faces at HAECC on Thursday, September 26th when Center Director Daryl Ness announced that he would be leaving the school to take on some new challenges for the Ministry of Education. Some of the students h
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Student voice – Alyssa from HAECC

What HAECC Means to Me – “When asked what HAECC has done for me, it’s quite difficult to give a straight answer because what hasn’t it done for me?” – Alyssa When I first started at Huntingdon Adult Education and Community Center (HAECC) I was hones
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1st ever – Employment Fair @ HAECC!

Finding jobs and community belonging. HAECC’s first try at an employment fair was a success! Uniting 15 different community partners and regional companies, the employment fair was a great opportunity for job seekers to meet with the different employers of the region. Arising from HAE
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Financial Literacy Workshops @ HAECC

In collaboration with Le Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi and Desjardins, HAECC students in the Options’ Classes participated in the “Personal Finance, I’m in Charge” workshop (Friday, April 5th). The first workshop of a 17 module program centred on cellphone usage and their contracts.
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Community BINGO a hit

March 1st 2019… a date that will be remembered as it marked the day of the first ever Community bingo at HAECC. Students, teachers and community members all gathered in the gym to play a few games of bingo. To enter the game, participants paid $2 to play for an hour, received a
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