Construction Business Management

Do the words construction, general contractor or project manager resonate with you? We have the program you need!

Learn how to manage every aspect of a building site. Estimate project costs, manage budgets, prepare proposals, negotiate contracts, plan outlines for work sites, carry out projects, hire and manage on-site workers and ensure the work being done is high quality. Real-world skills for a successful construction project.

(International students MUST register through the International Students application process.)

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Construction Business Management NOVA Evening Sep 9, 2024 8 months $0.00
Construction Business Management NOVA Evening Sep 8, 2025 8 months $0.00

Program content
Admission conditions
Code Énoncé de la compétence  Heures Unités
947-901 Determine their suitability for construction business management and for the training process 15 1
947-911 Communicate in the workplace 15 1
947-923 Carry out legal activities 45 3
947-933 Read drawings and specifications 45 3
947-943 Make sure a building complies with Québec’s building code 45 3
947-956 Determine project costs 90 6
947-963 Establish a business development plan 45 3
947-974 Manage the accounts and finances of the company 60 4
947-982 Manage occupational health and safety 30 2
947-994 Manage construction site operations 60 4
  450 30

No admission conditions required for this program of study.

Préalables fonctionnels

Please note that the functional prerequisites do not apply to attestation of vocational specialty programs (AVS).

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Skills you will learn

  • assessing project costs
  • creating a business plan
  • communication in the workplace

Did you know

  • Most clients want a fixed lump sum price for the work they want done, so make sure you fully understand all your direct labor, materials and equipment costs, your overhead costs, and your profit expectations for the work you quote. 
  • Over 25% of construction business are related to residential products.


What are the pre-requisites?

There are no admission requirements.

What are the benefits to taking this program?

It will help you to gain a better understanding of operating your own small business in the field construction.

Who is a good candidate for this program?

Motivated individuals who would like to become their own boss. Journeymen, contractors, and even apprentice-level carpenters will benefit from this attestation.
Note for international candidates:
*An English language proficiency evaluation may be required upon registration. If the student is unable to communicate in English, the student may be asked to take an English course (at their cost) before being accepted into the program.
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