School Daycare Educator

Blended model: ONLINE learning & in-person evaluation

Explore social and emotional development of preschool and school-age students

Learn to create and organize activities for students and how to deal with challenges that arise.

This Skills Training Certificate (STC) is the English equivalent to an AEP (Attestation d’études professionnelles) which provides the necessary credits to be employed in a before-and-after school daycare service.

(International students MUST register through the International Students application process.)

Next program starting ...

Program Centre Start date Graduate in ... Cost
School Daycare Educator NOVA Aug 26, 2024 11 months $36.26
School Daycare Educator NOVA Aug 25, 2025 11 months $36.26

– 390 hours / 11-months (26 credits)– Location: NOVA Career Centre

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