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Learn everything required to become an apprentice carpenter in Quebec with an a-to-z coverage of the trade including, construction calculations, building forms for footings and foundations, framing walls, insulating, soundproofing and ventilating buildings, interior and exterior finishing work. The construction business in Quebec is booming!

(International students MUST register through the International Students application process.)

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Program Centre Start date Graduate in ... Cost
Carpentry CVCEC Apr 19, 2024 12 months $399.89
Carpentry CVCEC Aug 13, 2024 12 months $399.89
Carpentry CVCEC Sep 20, 2024 12 months $399.98
Carpentry CVCEC Jan 9, 2025 12 months $399.98
Carpentry CVCEC Mar 27, 2025 12 months $399.98
Carpentry CVCEC May 12, 2025 12 months $399.98
Program content
Admission conditions
Code Statement of competency Hours Credits
754-992 To protect health, safety and physical integrity on construction sites 30 2
761-651 To determine their suitability for the trade and the training process 15 1
761-665 To use hand tools and portable electric tools to join materials 75 5
761-676 To process information contained in drawings, specifications and sketches 90 6
761-683 To do planning calculations 45 3
761-694 To perform alignment and levelling operations 60 4
761-703 To perform scaffolding, lifting and handling operations 45 3
761-716 To build and install furniture and finishing accessories 90 6
761-727 To construct forms for footings, foundation walls and concrete walls 105 7
761-732 To perform operations related to the construction of deep foundations 30 2
761-747 To construct forms for concrete columns, beams, slabs and stairs 105 7
761-754 To frame floors 60 4
761-766 To frame walls 90 6
761-777 To build roofs 105 7
761-783 To perform insulating, soundproofing and ventilation operations 45 3
761-797 To do exterior finishing work 105 7
761-808 To do interior finishing work 120 8
761-818 To build wood stairs 120 8
761-821 To prepare to enter the work force 15 1
  1350 90


To be eligible for admission to this program, candidates must meet one of the following requirements:

Persons holding a Secondary School Diploma or its recognized equivalent, for example, an Attestation of Equivalence of Secondary V studies, or a postsecondary diploma such as the Diploma of College Studies or a Bachelor’s degree
Persons who are at least 16 years of age on September 30 of the school year in which their training is to begin and have earned the Secondary IV credits in language of instruction, second language and mathematics in the programs of study established by the Minister, or have been granted recognition for equivalent learning
Persons who are at least 18 years of age upon entry into the program and have the following functional prerequisites: the successful completion of the General Development Test (see the following table), or recognition of equivalent learning
Persons who have obtained Secondary III credits in language of instruction, second language and mathematics in programs established by the Minister are required to pursue general education courses, concurrently with their vocational training, in order to obtain the Secondary IV credits they lack in language of instruction, second language and mathematics in programs established by the Minister.

Functional prerequisites

This section identifies the modules or course codes for the actual programs of study in adult general education that are specific prerequisites in language of instruction and mathematics. Functional prerequisites includes the successful completion of specific prerequisites as well as the general development test (TDG). When a DVS doesn’t require specific prerequisites in language of instruction or in mathematics, a dash ( – ) is displayed in the appropriate cell. For programs that lead to an AVS, specific prerequisites and the TDG do not apply (N/A).

Specific prerequisites
Language of instruction Second language Mathematics
Adults Youth Adults Youth Adults Youth
ENG-3101-1 et ENG-3102-2 ou (ENG-3070-3) 632-306 ou (630-316)

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Skills you will learn

  • basic carpentry skills
  • reading building plans
  • understanding structural layout
  • worksite safety and standards

Did you know

  • Carpenters are among the occupations currently in highest demand all over Quebec.
  • This program can allow students to start their own business.
  • There are many fields in which to specialize within the umbrella of carpentry including roofing, interior finishing, general contractor, just to name a few.


Does taking this course count towards my apprenticeship requirements?

Yes. The Commission de la construction du Québec recognizes the 1350 (hours completed in the course) towards the required hours to begin Apprentice 1 classification.

When could I start?

Carpentry offers progressive start dates. We presently offer fall, winter, spring and evening start dates.

How much money will I make when I finish the program?

Pay scales are determined by collective agreements negotiated with the various construction unions. Wages are determined according to worker classification and can range from $25-$40 per hour.
What are the requirements and the modules of this programme?
You can get this information on the site.
Note for international candidates: an English language proficiency evaluation may be required upon registration. If the student is unable to communicate in English, the student may be asked to take an English course (at their cost) before being accepted into the program.
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