Horticulture Class in Full Motion

The Horticulture class is in full motion.  While they are studying Latin names of plants, they are also starting edible plants and flowers in the greenhouse and monitoring the insect levels.  To add to the wide variety of information they are learning, we are also in the midst of the Tool Module.   Learning the names, terms and uses of common gardening hand and power tools, students are also encouraged to explore the ways we can troubleshoot on the job.   It is very important to be able to finish a job once it has been started!   A half-pruned hedge is not recommended.

During our Tool module, we took our yearly outing to JT Sport in Ormstown.  There, the students are able to peruse a wide selection of top brand-name products of the industry.   They can see anything from mid-century chainsaws, which needed two people to operate, to log splitters and chippers all the way to modern battery-operated machines.   It is great to be able to see such a wide selection of products, with new environmental lubricants, sharpening supplies, and safety equipment (and even try out the comfortable zero-turn mower).  The staff has been amazing to give us their advice on machine maintenance and upkeep, in addition to on-site troubleshooting advice.

Thank you again to the team at JT.


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