Adult Learners with Special Needs

An exceptional program for exceptional people!

Our Social Participation Program is for adult learners with intellectual, psychological, social, or physical difficulties and exceptionalities.

Our specialized team of teachers, attendants, and community groups work to provide students with a learning environment that promotes a sense of community, belonging and team work.

The goal of  the program is to work with students and their support networks to increase their autonomy and well-being through:

  • Individualized programs including academics, music, physical education and art.
  • Life skills, nutrition, health management.
  • Real-world learning opportunities that may lead to work-study placements.

Offered in both our Huntingdon (HAECC) and Chateauguay (NOVA) Centres, let our dedicated teams help your adult learner with special needs make friends, learn skills, and thrive in their community!

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