Woman in welding… honest conversation with Joanne + Daphné

We sat with Joanne & Daphné, students in our Welding & Fitting program at the NOVA Career Centre. We talked about the TRADE & their REALITY. They told us like it is! Thank you ladies and continued success to both of you.

Quotes from our interview:
– “Nobody can change what we want to do! If we want to be welders, go work in auto mechanics, carpentry – women can do whatever they want.”
– “I wanted to do a trade, I wanted to do manual labour. And doing welding I fell in love with it!”
– “It’s something I want to do, they have no choice. Accept it!
– “Who am I trying to impress? There is nobody to impress… I do this for a living!”
– “We work hard for a year and four months, and when we finish school, we go on stage (work-study) and have a job right away.”
– “Don’t have your parents force you to have a career you don’t want.”
– “If a little girl wants to be a firefighter, then grow up to be a firefighter. Don’t stop because you are a little girl… keep going and do it.”

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