Exterior Finishing

The reality of finishing the exterior of a building is often complex. Having to deal with previous errors that drags on and often amplified from task to tasks. Dealing with modifications, materials, hardware, and tools issues, precaution and protection after installation but also weather and temperature.
Often, in school, that reality is not a big deal because from late fall to early spring most modules are done in the comfort of a warm and dry shop. But in the last year, many students were confronted to the elements.
In the beginning of July, finishing a wooden structure for the Ormstown Fair, was challenging because of alot of rain postponing work on site, then very high, humid temperatures and thunderstorms delayed staining and completing the last part of the building.
Then, with another group, trying to complete one unit of the OUR HOUSE that is stored outside of school before winter really picked up. We ended up finishing in minus 10 degree with strong wind and snow.
Steel welded frames, scaffolding, aluminum finishing pieces were installed with exposed hands, installing caulking with heat gun to prepare the surface, having to protect materials and tools etc… In both cases, it made for a better understanding of our trade and its reality. How much more time and effort are needed when Mother Nature is not cooperating and in the end, getting results with a smile and a lot of pride.

Stéphane Samson, Carpentry Teacher CVCEC

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