Horticulture students beautify the centre…


Horticulture students were assigned two areas within the centre to design and create indoor gardens. The spaces chosen were the teacher’s staff room and the centre director’s office. During March Break, students worked hard to bring to life the design they had been working on for several classes. The two spaces were filled with floor plants, hanging plants, stones, water fountains, shelving and much more.

Robert, a horticulture student, explained that the class was split into teams and the groups were given 3-4 classes to visit their space and create a design. On the day of bringing it to life, he explained that not all plans were able to come to life, but that the teams adapted each space to the best of their ability.

After each team was done with their space, they showcased it to the others and explained their choices of design and plants. Students, with the guidance of the teachers, were given creative freedom to beautify every day common areas.

In addition to this, students have been working hard seeding and getting ready for HAECC’s annual spring Plant Sale, taking place on May 15th and 16th.


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