Business community working with our students! Corporate partners caring about their community.

The students from the SIS (Social Integration Services) classes from HAECC have been welcomed into many local businesses to carry out stage work. The students put into practice many of the skills they learn in the classroom, such as preparing themselves for the workday, proper conduct in the workplace, communication, following simple and complex instructions regarding work, and time management.

Mckenzie Hooker is the social work technician at HAECC and is responsible for implementing, supporting and monitoring the students on stage. Some of the businesses she has partnered with are Jakers Dog Treats in Huntingdon, Friperie Communautaire Huntingdon, EB  inets in Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague, the Huntingdon Hospital, Grove Hall in Huntingdon, CVCEC in Ormstown, CommunicAction in Huntingdon, and John Darragh Trucking in Huntingdon. Some students also do some stage work in the kitchen at HAECC. We are truly grateful for the opportunities that these local businesses provide for our students. As well the business owners and staff are very receptive and supportive of our students. Thank you to our business community!


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