A “Health” of knowledge

Several times each year, health care teachers get together to share ideas, learn new things and support each other. We do this at our Centre of Expertise in Nursing, which happens to be the Pearson Adult and Career Centre in Lasalle.

Over the years our CEN has provided many different topics. We have had a presentation and Q&A session with a rep from the Practical Nurses Order. We’ve discussed different ways of approaching competencies with practical tips from other teachers. We’ve looked at the legalities of charting, as it relates to both teachers and students. This week, we will hear about the changes that are coming in our PAB program and how we can use Case Studies to help our students understand disease and patient care.

These sessions have been a great way to develop relationships and share the particular issues that occur within the Health Care Community. We are very lucky to be encouraged by our Board to attend these events. Connections make us all stronger.

Janet Tolhurst

Health Care Instructor

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