A little friendly competition at HAECC

The Horticulture group at HAECC have been working hard doing fall maintenance around the centre, but to make the class a little more interesting teacher Denise Chavez decided to create a little friendly competition outside the classroom.

After visiting the Botanical gardens last week in Montreal, the group were sent out to create their own gardens at HAECC by applying their current knowledge, the concepts they’ve learned in the classroom and encouraged to use their own creative inspiration from their Botanical gardens trip.

The class was divided into two teams of 3 to 4 students each, and now there are two gardens that stand alone in the middle of the grass at HAECC. One is a “drop” shape and the other is in the shape of a “heart”. And while the gardens are not entirely finished yet, the two groups have done a fantastic job of being creative and applying what they’ve learned to date from their studies.

The Horticulture group will be creating more gardens, which will in turn give them a chance to track their progress during the program and allow them the opportunity to compare their improvement from the beginning of the year.

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