Walk the talk…

A while ago, within the module of Structural Steel Shop Drawings of the Residential and Commercial Drafting Department, a morning and an evening group visited three construction sites (Parc 3 Nord, the new building of the Neurological Department of McGill, and the upcoming St. Timothee metro station). A tour was given by teacher Domenico Papandrea, where the students had the opportunity to visualize the drawings they had been designing in class and their connections to different types of steel.

During this trip the students were also able to visit FG Metal Inc. where they saw amongst others things the different types of machines and how they are used, how steel is processed in order to reach the client’s needs, etc

“I realized that Autocad is a really powerful software. Because, when you have designed the steel drawings, you can simply send your steel design to the CNC machine and it automatically will cut the plate according to the design”, Eric says.

While Tayler writes: “The trip gave me better insight of what steel has to offer in the job market and how it can be used for anything, even for something like a park in a playground has a lot of development needed.”

“Being on the trip and being able to ask my questions, I figured out the problem I was having for an assignment we were working on in class the day before. All and all this was a very educational and informative trip, one that I would not have wanted to miss. Thank you to the teachers who take it onto themselves to give us a higher education” Cathy writes in her report after the visit.

Domenico Papandrea and Alma Tralo

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