Recap of Golden Object Clues: #1 to #6

Have you been following our Trade It Forward campaign? If so great, if not here is your chance to get all six Golden Object Clues in one spot.

If you can figure out the location of the Golden Hair Dryer hidden somewhere in the Chateauguay Valley, go there in person and be the first person to ask if they have the Golden Object, you are eligible to be $1000 richer. You will have to Trade It Forward for someone of course to walk away $1000 richer :).

So to recap:
Clue # 6 – Children at play, discovering new chums. A little time off for some caring mums.

Clue # 5 – “All aboard”, next stop adventure. Think like a child and you may be a contender.

Clue # 4 – Not sure where I abide… try to stay cheery. I live in a town that will make you less “weary”.

Clue # 3 – It was the year of the Bangles and their Egyptian moves. That’s the moment when we found our groove.

Clue # 2 – Anyone can use me. I can be helful to all. The people who guard me are big among the small.

Clue # 1 – If you want to find me you’ll need to look deeper. I may be about glitz and glamour but my final destination welcomes the thinker.

The person (everyone is eligible to win, yes that means even you) who finds one of the Golden Trades Objects will be eligible to win $1000. Good luck to all! And don’t forget to use your skills and abilities to Trade It Forward to someone in your community today. It will make you and them feel great.

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