All the world’s a stage

As with many Vocational programs in the province of Quebec, at the end of a student’s course of studies they are required to complete a Stage placement within a company where they are given the opportunity to practice the skills that they had learnt and hopefully gain meaningful employment.

Leading up to this part of the course students must complete the Using Job Search Techniques module. During this module, the Welding Department teachers explain by showing examples of C.Vs (Curriculum Vita) and cover letters as the students draft a rough sample of both. After the students complete their draft copies, the department has decided that it is in the best interest of the students to bring in experts from Club de recherche d’emploi Chateauguay to help the students finalize their documents. During this workshop, the student’s documents are viewed, critiqued and finalized with the help of experts. Since many of our students have never gone through the process of an actual interview, the second part of the day is spent on what to expect while doing so. Topics such as body language, eye contact, questions that they may expect to be asked and appropriate answers are just some of the issues that are covered during this session. At the end of the module, each student has a Cover letter and C.V. that looks professional and encourages perspective employers to take a second look.

The stage – The Entering The Work Force module is an integral part of the students learning and hopefully, job placement upon completion of his/her studies. Prior to the Stage, students are explained what is expected of them (tasks, duration, evaluation criteria, etc…) and that they are expected to find possible companies that are willing to have them complete a Stage with. Since there are many aspects and welding processes in the trade, they are encouraged to select a company that suits their interests and abilities as a welder, and hopefully would be an establishment where they could continue learning and possibly be hired at afterwards. If the student needs some help finding a Stage, they are supplied with a list of companies that have accepted students in the past and hired many of them afterwards. To name a few of the companies that have taken students in the past: Via Rail, CAD Railway Services Inc., Locweld, Bombardie, CAE Aerospace Inc., Equipement Militaire Mil-Quip Inc., Leahy Orchards, TI Titanium, Bedard Tankers and Tremcar. As a result of our students performance, many of these companies continue to have a professional relationship with the Nova Career Centre’s welding department and call us when they are in the need of hiring welders. In fact, some of our past students at these employed companies have been there for many years and are now in manager positions or shop supervisors.

Congratulation to our latest group of students that have just completed their Stages and we wish you continued success in the Welding field!

Brian Burton, for the NOVA Welding and Fitting Team.

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