Alouettes share stories, health initiatives and nominate a deserving young person from your region.

What’s new this month in our CLC’s?… The Alouettes share their stories…numerous health initiatives in place… and the chance to nominate a deserving young person from your region. {Wrap-Up: News-notes (March)}

Pierre-Lavoie Caravan rolls into Gault
Due to their participation in the «Aiguise ta matière grise» challenge, students from Gault Institute were treated to a visit from the “Tournée du Grand défi Pierre Lavoie”, which promotes active living and healthy living in many schools across the province of Quebec.  The Véhicube is an impressive vehicle measuring 22,8 meters (75 feet) and allows students an opportunity to take part in interesting activities inside, such as : the « Mangez mieux/Eat better » interactive workshop which enables students a chance through a video game to understand better eating habits. The “Studio-Vélo” is set-up with 14 stationary bikes, 8 high-definition screens on the ceiling and a giant screen at the front that allows student to take part in a virtual bike race. What an awesome experience. Merci Mr. Lavoie!

Local restaurant shares its expertise
Through a CLC Health & Well-Being grant, O.E.S. teacher Emilie McCaig came up with an idea to help support healthy habits for her students. Along with local restaurant chef, Allyson Harding, chef from Le Riverain restaurant in Ormstown, students were able to not only learn about new healthy recipes but actually made their own healthy lunch. The students learned to cut celery and peppers (etc.), roll lettuce and fill the ingredients into delicious wraps.  To top it off, Allyson had warm homemade apple crisp for dessert. In the afternoon the students made healthy snack wraps like bananas & cream cheese, cucumber & hummus.  Thanks to Allyson for her hard work at organizing such a fun, hands-on way during our road to healthy eating and active living.

Spring has sprung!
Students at HAECC welcomed in spring with a festive lunch hour activity by making taffy on the snow. Students and teachers gathered in the kitchen watching how the taffy was made before it was poured over the snow and everyone enjoyed a tasty treat! The Horticulture program students may have missed the festivities, but they had a chance the following day to personally visit a sugar bush, learning about maple trees and how the process of collecting sap and producing syrup is done. 

Farmers’ forum
The last Thursday of every month HAECC hosts the Quebec farmers Association (QFA) “farmer’s forum” through our Video Conferencing system.  Our latest VC covered the subject of “Woodlots” the subject was very popular as we had a record breaking 12 community members in attendance.

Singing their praise
Centennial Park Elementary school choir received a second grant as music teacher Moira Lemme along with help from her CLC Technician Anthony Spadaccino received more funds towards building a community based service learning project. The additional funds will help support the seniors’ musical concert project in the community. Ms. Lemme will attach the initiative to the QEP (Quebec Education Program) for her students and continues to help build connections within the community and especially their community partner, Mary Elizabeth residence hostel for seniors.

VC with Montreal Alouettes’ player
John Bowman from the Montreal Alouettes offered a video conference presentation to Gault Institute’s grade 5 and 6 students. He shared his personal life story of how he overcame his struggles and made it to the CFL.  He addressed issues such as the importance of education, the dangers of drugs, handling family issues, dealing with bullying, making positive choices, to name a few. Our students were very impressed by what he had to say and they asked many questions.

Staying in touch: VC style!
St. Willibrord’s Junior Learning Centre teacher Ms. Caza is having her first baby and is on preventative leave for the remainder of the school year. But in order to remain in contact with her students, to hear about how their studies are going, what they’ve learned in class and to find out how big Ms. Caza’s belly is getting they’ve been having video conference meetings every two months. (video link:

ALS’ with our NFSB family
Three players from the Montreal Alouettes football team came to speak with students in Directions Alternative program at Howard S. Billings High School. Students enjoyed the motivational speech and the life-lessons stories that came from some of our famous football players.

Something is cooking!
Kitchen-Nutrition workshops, animated by teacher Denyse Griffiths at Gault and a parent volunteer, runs after school hours in an effort to entice students to develop an appreciation for cooking healthy meals and creating recipes from scratch. Each week the students create two culinary masterpieces that they bring home to eat with their family. This is a fantastic project that promotes healthy eating and active living. A huge thank you to “Vie En Forme” who graciously donated a box full of cooking utensils in order for our students to have the cooking tools they needed.

Youth Gala 2014 (Haut-St-Laurent)
The fifth edition of recognizing youth between the ages of 6 & 24 years of age for the Chateauguay Valley (Haut-St-Laurent) will take place Wednesday, May 28th at the recreation centre in St-Antoine-Abbé.  This is an opportunity for the community at large to highlight any youth as a candidate for awards in: volunteering and citizen involvement, healthy living habits (food or physical activity), school or social perseverance, environment or cultural action.  If you know of someone or would like more information, please contact your local CLC rep from the Valley to receive an application form. Kim 450-288-5180450-288-5180 or Jayme 450-264-9276450-264-9276.  The deadline is May 1, 2014.

Seniors get schooled about fraud
On March 26th, six people participated in the “Seniors: Protection from Exploitation & Abuse” video conference given at O.E.S.  Seniors were warned of the dangers of fraud in-person (people coming door to door), over the phone and on the internet and were given tips to be more aware in the future.  One participant noted “how easy it is to be taken in by fraud” and another stated. “I really enjoyed the presentation.  It was very interesting and extremely well presented”.

It’s Zumba time!
Zumba instructor, Rina Bynoe, has partnered up with the Chateauguay CLC to keep students active during lunch hour. For five weeks and a small fee, students from St. Will participate in a lunch hour Zumba class held on Fridays.

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(photos: Pierre-Lavoie Caravan activities / Gault VC with Alouettes, kitchen-nutrition workshop / Ms. Caza with students VC / students learning healthy lunch options, Farmers Forum VC.)


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