Amazing Students, Amazing Projects

Who will win? You decide.

We always knew we had the best students around. Voting is now open for the iPad Show Us Your Trade Photo Contest. Three finalists have been selected and you get to vote for the winner.


Our 3 finalists are:

Reno Job / submitted by: Andy Arnason

Andy installed a new tin roof on a sugar shack with a new concrete slab in front. Don’t forget about the door install, which used to be a window.

Adirondack Chair and Footrest / submitted by: Brody Sutton

This has been Brody’s small business for the last three years. He builds Adirondack chairs. He started doing it when he was 14. He’s 17 now and he sells the chairs to local buyers.

The Basket Braid + Cornrows / submitted by: Melina Jacqueline

Melina did a beautiful hair treatment from lessons learned in the hairdressing program at NFSB.

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