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Huntingdon centre still open!

Amidst rumours in the community, some people are being led to believe that HAECC is closing. This is not true! HAECC is a vibrant and successful adult centre with many diverse programs going on and will continue its tradition of excellence in the near and far future. HAECC has adult e
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Raphael Lecompte smashing success at the DERBY!

Second place prize went to Raphael Lecompte and the car SUNDAY at the Ormstown Fair. He did us proud- Fancy driving Raphael and much thanks to the team at NOVA automobile mechanics for making a red hot smash up car!
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Derby car ready to smash it up!

Raphaël Lecompte ready to smash cars this Sunday!  Our student in our Automobile Mechanics program at Nova Career Centre will be smashing up this fabulous derby this Sunday at the Ormstown fair. Students and teachers worked long into the night to make this car into a world class derby
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Your future is here!

Want to explore your passion for learning? Interior Decorating and Window Display, Hairdressing, Horticulture, Landscaping and much much more await you at our three professional training centres! Please check the program descriptions for actual dates but know this: your future is read
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