Autumn awesomeness!

Autumn brought a great new group of Horticulture students.  Lukily the temperature was awesome therefore we took advantage of it spending the time to revamp our school vegetable garden.  Covering our modules of Edible Plants, Machines and Fall Maintenance, we spent many days outside: harvesting the last of the vegetables, weeding, and rebuilding the pathways.  For the pathways, we will use geotextile and a combination of bark and ramial chipped wood (woodchips made solely from small to medium-sized branches) which will keep the weeds away, make a soft pathway AND it will smell good.  The majority of the vegetables are produced annually by the students during their Production module and are used in our biweekly café run by Marie-Claire (teacher) and her students.

The raspberry bushes burst with fruit, and we took a few breaks to make the most of the autumn harvest and dreamed of the new fruit and vegetables that we will plant next year.  We are adding sea buckthorn to the garden, a lesser known, but great edible and medicinal berry.  The growth continues!

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