Balancing act!

We all know the importance of balance in our lives. As a teacher at CVCEC, I balance teaching with nursing and try to share my experiences in the health care world in hopes that my students will benefit. However, I am more than a teacher or a nurse. I have a variety of interests and life experiences that I also share with my students. Hobbies help relieve stress, make us feel calm and give us joy. It’s hard to beat the tranquility you feel watching lambs play or patting your favourite horse. Many of the teachers at CVCEC have hobbies they share with their students. Whether it’s music, photography, travel, knitting, sports or animals, these things help us balance work and fun and, hopefully, model that for our students.

CVCEC puts student life as one of its priorities.  Lug a mug, hockey tournaments, culture days, etc. are all activities to encourage students to incorporate a healthy life style.  We encourage activities that foster citizenship, professionalism, relaxation, and reflection on the choices and decisions that we take as students and as responsible adults.  Taking into consideration, the whole person, creates a positive learning environment for our students.

Janet Tolhurst (Health Care Teacher)

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