Be Active Be Healthy

Huntingdon Adult Education & Community Centre over the last few years has created an ongoing successful partnership with Cardio Active and the CSSS du Haut St-Laurent. The partnerships aim is to create a healthy and active community. Cardio Active, CSSS du Haut St-Laurent and HAECC have paired up in creating a gym/weight room which is accessible to the students and the community.

Cardio Active which owns some of the equipment in the Cardio room promotes a healthy lifestyle in the territory, in which they try to educate and monitor people who have suffered from cardiac events and need help with physical activity and recovery.

The CSSS du Haut St-Laurent has a rehabilitation program Mondays and Wednesdays in the Cardio room, where a nurse from the CLSC as well as a trainer come to the gym with people who have been referred to the program by their doctors who feel they would benefit from the physical rehabilitation.

The HAECC students and well as the staff have the advantage of using the cardio room to squeeze in some extra fitness time. One of the classes that use the Cardio room on a regular basis is the SFIS program, part of their program at HAECC is to be physically active and get physical activity on a regular basis. The SFIS program is in the cardio room three times a week working hard on the machines, each student in the class may be at different physical ability but they each have their own individual program which is suited to their needs.

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