Want to restart a heart?

Mr. X, c/o of retrosternal pain during exercise, and diaphoresis. Insulin is produced by the Beta cells in the Islets of Langerhans within the Pancreas. Chyme travels through duodenum. T3 and T4 are released to help achieve homeostasis.

Sounds like a foreign language doesn’t it? These are actual medical terms and new information you could learn by enrolling in the Health, Assistant and Nursing (HAN) course at the Chateauguay Valley Career Education Centre(CVCEC). The amount of information and training you receive becomes a valuable tool within the Health Care setting. There are five wonderful teachers, sharing their knowledge with you and helping you in every way possible to ensure your success. They create fun ways for you to learn and enjoy your atmosphere. You are also taught practical skills such as IV insertion, blood taking and catheterization. As a student you become part of a team and will get the opportunity to meet lovely people while on stage at different settings throughout your course. The centre also has a fantastic staff ready to answer your questions, play hockey during a lunch hour tournament or sing Christmas Carols after everyone has enjoyed a Turkey lunch.

This course opens the door to so many things you never thought were possible and provides you with memories that will last a lifetime. Day 1 when you walk through the classroom door, you’ll be cute enough to stop a heart but on the last day after all your dedication and training, you’ll be skilled enough to restart it.

Courtnay Rennie, HAN student

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